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Ohyeah Lingerie Trade (xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Lingerie; Babydoll; Panty; Bodystocking; Corset
ODM services availableRegistered trademarks (5)Global export expertiseTotal trading staff (29)
I am a wholesaler or traditional buyer, my question is:
1. What brand can be displayed on the product?
Our product service has three modes, and different services correspond to different brand information:
1) Spot wholesale, products and packaging do not display any brand;
2) ODM/OEM, product and packaging display customer's own brand;
3) OHYEAH brand agent, product packaging display Ohyeah brand.
2. Can I display my own brand? Where is it usually displayed?
Yes, we can provide ODM OEM services, usually make customer's own brand hang tags, washing labels, woven labels, packaging boxes, etc.
3. Can OEM orders be accepted?
Yes, OEM orders can be accepted, and preliminary quotations can be made according to the samples or clear pictures you provide. Of course, accurate quotations require you to provide detailed product information, quantity, packaging and requirements.
4. My order is only $8/pic for one nightdress, but the shipping cost is $20. It’s not worth it. Do you have any suggestions?
Our suggestion is:
Step 1: Increase the purchase quantity of the order, such as
1) More than 1,000 US dollars, so that the weight of the goods reaches 25 kg or more, in order to enjoy the preferential shipping fee.
2) For more than 2000-4000 US dollars, the DDP method is acceptable to most countries, and even free shipping or tax package services can be provided.
Step 2: It is recommended that you go to our official website to place an order, because:
1) Our official website can accept minimum order of 1 piece for each model, and can accept mixed orders.
2) The product prices on our official website are wholesale prices, which are 10%-20% lower than the prices on
3) Long-term cooperative customers can enjoy member discounts, for example, diamond members can enjoy 20% discount.
Step 3: After placing an order on the official website, you can go to our Alibaba store to pay, so you can also enjoy the protection of Alibaba.
5. Is it possible to have a quotation with pictures?
Yes, please tell me what type of product you need? pajamas? Body socks? panties? corset? ... I can send you the quotation.
6. Are the product images copyrighted?
Yes, pictures and videos are our own copyright.
7. Can I use the pictures?
Yes, you can use our copyright images, so please place an order with us as soon as possible.
8. How can I get these picture data?
Please tell me which products you need, or which category of product pictures, we will send you the corresponding picture data, of course, you can also download pictures and catalogs from our official website



1. What services does Ohyeah mainly provide?


We mainly provide RTS spot,ODM,OEM customized three services


2. What is the MOQ?


Spot wholesale:
The MOQ of single item is 2piece,accept mixed.
ODM:a single order above $500
OEM customization:depending on the specific product,usually a style needs 500/pcs-2000/pcs
The more the order quantity,the more favorable the price.


3.What discounts can you usually enjoy?


Order over $100 for $5 deduction coupon;over $200 for $10;over $500 for $20
If you have more than 200 items, or the total order amount is more than $5,000,we will offer them separately or offer more offers.


4. What packaging is the product?


Bodystocking&Stocking for color box packaging,pajamas/underwear/for PE bag packaging.If you need,We can also provide high-end color box packaging,the packaging box with model pictures,perfect for physical store display.


5. I like the color box packaging,do I need to pay extra?


Yes,usually choose color box packaging is additional paid,$0.2/pic-0.5/pic,if you are a new customer,initial cooperation we can be free.


6.How long is ship?

Usually: orders within 100 pieces,delivered 3 days after payment,500 pieces 7 days, 1000 pieces 15 days,if the quantity is particularly large,Need to

consult our sales.

7. What are the modes of transportation?How long will it be delivered?

Our We mainly provide RTS spot,ODM,OEM customized three servicestransportation modes are delivered by logistics providers organized by Alibaba,safe and reliable,mainly three types: 

1) door to door fast commercial express such as: Fedex / DHL / UPS / TNT / Aramex, usually can be delivered in 5-10 days;

2) Economic postal parcels such as:

E-Packet,global economic small parcels,usually 1530 days can be delivered.

3)By sea+door to door/By railway+door to door suitable for goods above 100 kg,usually 30-60 days can be delivered.

8. What is the freight cost?

When entering the quantity of order and receiving address,the system will automatically calculate the corresponding transportation mode and freight for

you to choose,and default the cheapest transportation as the first choice,remind need to pay attention to whether the transportation time meets the

demand,you can modifyand choose other faster but more expensive ways.If you need to declare a low price,we can do low price invoices to help reduce

the amount of tariffs.

9. Can the product be returned if it has any quality problems?

Yes,we can return and exchange.You only need to provide photo vouchers within 10 days after receipt of the goods.We will refund or replace the new

goods according to the situation.


10. What should I do if I haven't get it?

If we confirm that the package is lost, we will immediately refund or reissue it,and of course,the Alibaba platform will also provide compensation or refund


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