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Ohyeah Lingerie Trade (xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Lingerie; Babydoll; Panty; Bodystocking; Corset
ODM services availableRegistered trademarks (5)Global export expertiseTotal trading staff (29)


Ohyeah agency description:

Ohyeah products have 1000+ styles, 1 million pieces of regular stock, the global scope is based on the city, and we are looking for the exclusive agent in the region, specifically:
1. Ohyeah brand introduction: ohyeah company was established in March 2009 with own brand "ohyeah".The meaning of the brand is:
1>.This is the most widely used spoken language in the world, representing admiration, positivity, and approval! Display openness, energy and enthusiasm!
2>.The letter "Y" is designed as a rose, implying that the product is like a beautiful rose, sexy, romantic, deeply affectionate, and full of love...

2. Ohyeah brand concept: sunny and sexy, fun life
1>."Sexy" is bold and hot, warm and romantic, humorous and charming, interesting and emotional, and is the experience of life
2>."Sexy" regardless of gender, tall or short, fat or thin, rich or poor, race or skin color, is the right of everyone
3>."Sexy" comes from life, integrates into life, and runs through life

3. Ohyeah brand mission: make life more fun!
4. Ohyeah's main products: Lingerie, bodystocking, corset, men's and women's underwear, garter belt panty, adult BDSM products etc..